Meet Our Team


I became a teacher because I love working with children and it was always my first choice of profession. I love coming to work each day. The St Bernard's community is kind, compassionate, giving and dedicated to our school. I feel very privileged to be leading St Bernard's.    

Mrs Johanna Wain


Assistant Principal:

I wanted to be a teacher since I was very young. I love working with children and really enjoy planning excellent learning opportunities for all students. Working with teachers is another passion, I am energised when collaborating with other teachers to ensure St Bernard's is an excellent school.

Mrs Karen Hadley


Religious Education Coordinator/ Classroom Teacher:  

My favourite thing about St Bernard’s is that it an inclusive Catholic community. I have the opportunity to support students and teachers in every classroom. St Bernard’s is able to offer a range of learning options and interventions that support students reach their full potential. I feel privileged to work at our school.

Mrs Sharon Beashel


Coordinator and Stage One Teacher:

I always wanted to be a teacher from a young age. I have been inspired by teachers that taught me, as well some amazing teachers I was privileged to work with. I have a passion for creativity particularly the arts and its power to engage children in their learning. I hope to inspire children to a find that deep love of learning within themselves. When they discover it for themselves, it is like finding pure gold. The love, laughter, creativity and imagination of children are pure joy and the reason why I love driving through the gates each day. The staff are incredible, selfless people that give so much to others and the children in our care. They are truly the wings that help the school community fly and I couldn’t do my job with out them.

Mrs Jenny Smith


Coordinator & Literacy and Numeracy Support Teacher:

My favourite thing about St Bernard’s is the community of inspiring educators, engaged students and supportive families. When you walk through the front gates at St Bernard’s you get a real sense of being welcomed and appreciated. All of the members of our community are responsible for this inclusive environment, that supports students throughout their important Primary School years. I knew I wanted to be a teacher from a very young age. I went to St Bernard’s as a student and was inspired by my teachers to become a Catholic School Educator. I knew by becoming a teacher I could make a difference in children’s life’s, by instilling in them Catholic values and a love of learning, that would support each child in successfully achieving their very best.

Ms Jeni McCarthy 

School Officers:

Mrs Miners... My favourite thing about St Bernard’s is the people!

Mrs Ward... My favourite thing about working at school is the students and families. Every day is different which makes the days very busy and enjoyable.

Ms Heidi Miners, Mrs Deb O'Brien and Mrs Jennifer Ward


Mrs Brady... My favourite thing about St Bernard's is the sense of community. It is a privilege to work with such amazing children, families, staff and Parish members. I became a teacher because I love working with children. They make every day unique and teach us to find joy in the little things.

Miss Fetterplace... The thing I like most about teaching at St Bernard's is the supportive and special staff, that welcome absolutely everyone with open arms. I believe the beautiful students and parent community that I am privileged to see, teach and care for make my job so fulfilling. I decided I wanted to become a teacher from a young age, I had my dad as a significant role model that led me into this career. I absolutely value working with children and instilling a positive love for continual learning. I am passionate in supporting, guiding and enjoying the time with each child on a daily basis.

Mr Ward... I enjoying working with like-minded staff, friendly students and the welcoming community. All stakeholders work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcomes for the students. St Bernard's is an inspiring and special place to work. I was fortunate in my schooling to have some great teachers who made a positive impact on my education. I am passionate about encouraging students to reach their full potential and become lifelong learners. 

Mrs Rebecca Brady & Miss Kate Fetterplace (KB) & Mr Tony Ward (KW)

Year 1:

Mrs Campbell... My favourite thing about St Bernard's school is how welcoming the community is. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher from a very young age. My Dad was my inspiration for me becoming a teacher he was an amazing role model. There is no better feeling than watching a child have an 'ah ha' moment learning. 

Mrs Hynes...  My favourite thing about St Bernard's is the focus on student learning. The staff support of each other to achieve this goal is inspiring. I became a teacher to engage students an early age in learning. It is a most rewarding job as you see the inquisitive and imaginative minds developing. Every day is a new day.  

Ms Claire Campbell (1C) & Mrs Annette Hynes (1H)

Year 2:

Mrs Hardman ... I loved going to school and had some amazing teachers and experiences in my school life. This truly inspired me to become a teacher. I love our school environment, the children and the people I work with!

Mrs Socha... I love the school community and I truly value all the wonderful friendships I have made. I became a teacher because it was the only thing I ever wanted to do. I love learning and I love helping others learn. Being a teacher is my absolute passion.

Mrs Davis... My favourite thing about St Bernard's Primary School is the positive learning culture along with the welcoming and caring vibes shared throughout the school community. I became a teacher as my own Kindergarten teacher left a positive impact upon my life through her patience and caring nature. As a teacher, I aim to make a difference to the lives of the children, promote lifelong learning and make each individual believe they can achieve. 

Mrs Jo Socha (2S) Mrs Jane Hardman (2H) & Mrs Jenny Smith/Mrs Sarah Davis (S1S)

Year 3:

Ms Beatty... My favourite thing about St Bernard’s is the collegiality of staff in our commitment to educating the whole student. St Bernard’s provides an inclusive environment that develops lifelong learners. I became a teacher, as I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Teaching allows me to have a positive impact on the world by inspiring our future leaders. I am in a privileged position where I can empower students to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams.

Mrs Coulter... 

Ms Naomi Beatty (3B) & Mrs Vyvette Coulter (3C)

Year 4:

Mrs Metcalf... My favourite thing about St Bernard's is the spirit within the school. The feeling of camaraderie among staff, students and the wider community. The friendship, goodwill and gospel values that permeate all areas. Teaching was my chosen career from a very young age. I saw teaching as a way of igniting my love of learning in others. Throughout my career, I have had the joy of sharing in the learning journey of many students and seen them grow into perceptive, insightful, caring adults, who are grounded in a strong belief in themselves. I feel privileged to be able to give these young students the learning opportunities to grow into independent, individual, compassionate adults.

Ms Guthrie... My favourite part about being a teacher at St Bernard’s is the community. The connection that students, families and teachers share. When moving to Bateman’s Bay I was nervous. After my first casual day I knew this is the school I wanted to teach at. Everyone is welcoming and wants the best for all students. I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. Playing teacher games as a child, there was no doubt that it was what I wanted to be. After taking on teaching roles through Surf life Saving and Surfing during my university degree. It cemented my decision. I wish to make a difference in each child’s life and give them the best opportunity for learning and success I can. Every day I strive to teach all students to be creative, imaginative, confident people that are kind and compassion to those around them.

    Mrs Dianne Metcalf (4M) & Ms Jessica Guthrie (4G)  

    Year 5:

    Mrs Coggan... My favourite thing about St Bernard's is working with the most nurturing, intrinsically kind staff who deliver quality outcomes every day. I became a teacher because I wanted to inspire my students to be creative, imaginative, successful, kind and inclusive individuals. It was the only job I ever wanted to do and I have cherished it for over forty years.

    Mrs Hicks... My favourite thing about St Bernard's is the warm and welcoming environment. St Bernard's is a very inclusive community. I knew I wanted to be a teacher from my very first year in Kindergarten. I love nurturing young children and watching them blossom into independent and resilient young people.

    Mrs Elizabeth Coggan (5C) & Mrs Jane Hicks (5H)


    Year 6:

    Mrs Burtenshaw... Each morning when I drive along Caseys Beach I am reminded that Life Is Beautiful and then I walk into the classroom and I am reminded that children are the very essence of JOY. That’s what I love about St Bernard’s and that’s why I am blessed to be a teacher.

    Mrs McRae... I have always wanted to be a teacher. I remember telling my mother when I was in Year 2 that I wanted to be a teacher. The school I attended for the first four years of Primary school was a two-teacher school. Consequently, I had the same teacher from Kindergarten to Year 3. I think she was a huge influence on my career choice – she was such a lovely lady! I am fortunate to have experienced St Bernard’s as a parent and as a member of staff. As a parent and member of staff I feel very comfortable within the St. Bernard’s community. As a parent, I met some wonderful people, several who became close friends. As a member of staff, I enjoy the support and friendship of my colleagues.

    Mrs Sallyann Burtenshaw (6B) & Mrs Suzie McRae (6M)

    ICT Technical Support:
    Mr Damien Hughes
    ICentre Assistant:

    Mrs Theresa Hopman

    Aboriginal Contact Teachers:

    Mrs Rebecca Brady & Mrs Karen Hadley


    Ms Trish Ellis

    Performing Arts: 

    My favourite thing about St Bernard’s is the pastoral care approach to students where programs and supports are individualised and tailored to ensure all students have the capacity of reaching their full potential.When I was in Year 4 in 1964, I had an amazing teacher who I still remember today. She loved my art work and creativity and she treated all her students as individuals. She inspired me to do the same- to me it’s all about the relationships we develop with our students and the memories we make along the way.

    Mrs Julie Ireland 



    I chose to be a teacher because I love working with children! It is a privilege to guide and support their learning and to help them experience the joy of discovery. I have had wonderful teachers in my own life and now work with incredible educators here at St Bernard's. Guiding students in developing their understandings and self-awareness, embracing their curiosity and imagination, making connections with their wider world and stepping into an inspired life of learning makes for dynamic and exciting days in and outside the classroom. I love teaching at St Bernard's as we lead with the heart and support all students to be their very best. We are a vibrant, enthusiastic and welcoming community, all of us on the journey of discovery together; staff and students alike!  

    Mrs Laura Tyler



    My favourite thing about St Bernard’s is wonderful students I get to work with everyday. I also enjoy the beautiful environment we have here with lots of open space close to our beautiful beaches. I love being part of a community where everyone is known. I love that even as the students leave our school they still are part of our St Bernard’s family. I was very lucky I had chosen a very different corporate degree to enrol in but over the break before I started university I volunteered to work with children from my parish school Holy Family in Parkes. I fell in love with the job, working with children watching them have that light bulb moment, sharing in their enthusiasm when they figure something out was so rewarding. I discovered the joy you get when you help someone unlock their potential and I still get that joy today I am very glad I chose to become a teacher.

    Mrs Angela Holmes



    Student Welfare Officer:

    Ms Michele Schiefferly

    Student Counsellor:
    Ms Faith Costigan

    Classroom Support Assistants:

    Mrs Fitzgerald... My favourite thing about St Bernard’s is being apart of and working with the community within our school. I became a Classroom Support Assistant because I love working with children and being able to support them in their learning journey.  

    Mrs Talbot... I love the inclusive, caring nature of the school and being part of a great team. I love working with kids and watching them grow in their learning.

    Mrs Hopman... My favourite thing about St Bernard's is the inviting and wonderful learning environment. Although, the children and people that fill it are equally wonderful. It's a pleasure to work in such a beautiful space. I became a Library Assistant at St Bernard's after a suggestion from a friend who knew how much I'd enjoy it. I'm so glad I did - working in the iCentre makes me so happy (getting to see all the kids every week is priceless, oh and that new book smell is unbeatable). This also led to my additional role as Classroom Support Assistant, where I get to work with the best team a person could hope for! Blessed to belong here. 

    Mrs Ward... My favourite thing about working at school is the students and families. Every day is different which makes the days very busy and enjoyable.

    Mrs Amanda Fitzgerald, Mrs Michelle Burrows, Mrs Deb O’Brien, Mrs Theresa Hopman, Mrs Jennifer Ward & Mrs Tracey Talbot


    Mr Bernie Beatty

    Canteen Supervisor:
    Mrs Karen Cheeseman

    Music Tuition 

    Guitar            Mr Peter Rich
    Singing Mrs Dee Farnell
    Piano Mrs Julie Kidd
    Concert Band: Mr Barny Barnbrook